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Teens 'N' Twenties 

(ages 12-18+)

At Bethel, we aim to provide a safe envrironment for young people to develop and learn to make good life choices.  During each session they will hear a positive message from the Bible to help them understand how God's Word can be applied to their daily lives and make a difference in those choices.


Wednesdays 7:00pm - 8.30pm


This is mainly a"hang out/chill out" time with a range of art, crafts, group/board games and a Bible message followed by refreshments from "Big Al's Bistro".




We also arrange outings and other activities during school holidays as well as events to raise funds for the young people to go to summer camp.  Details of any special activities can be found on the calendar page or announced on the events page.



Rendezvous  (Ages 16-25)


The older young people meet for social events as and when (and where) announced.